Overview: The Yale UCL Collaborative

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVTWB0ZLdKc&feature=plcpOverview: The Yale UCL CollaborativeFFFFFF705391

The co-directors of the Yale UCL Collaborative talk about the goals and activities of the transatlantic partnership, which brings together faculty and students from Yale University and University College London. Participating disciplines include medicine, the life sciences, engineering, law, architecture, and the humanities,

About the Yale UCL Collaborative

University-based research is essential for generating new ideas to advance society. In a time of rapid globalization and increased demands on both physical and intellectual resources, universities (and hence society) will reap the greatest benefit by integrating their activities and sharing complementary infrastructure with similar institutions.

Officially launched in 2009, the Yale UCL Collaborative is a transatlantic partnership dedicated to addressing the societal challenges of the 21st century by providing opportunities for high-level scientific research, clinical and educational collaboration.

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